Truffles exist everywhere in France but no region also provides truffles scented Provence and the Languedoc. This is with the périgord is where black truffle, black diamond, the tuber mélanosporum.
Mushroom become legendary, it was there is still a half-century common in the villages of Provence, South West and especially in the Gard where garrigues limestone soils are conducive for the truffle, which spends its life underground.

The wild truffle is scarce because of the current climate is not conducive to the abandonment of the maintenance of forests and the proliferation of major roads open to all craft engines. It was not uncommon in the families of caveurs (the name given to the person who digs in the woods truffles) it will make great stews truffles that shared by inviting neighbors.

This was a peasant dish has become a rarity a delicacy king.

The truffle had become a luxury product. It is the black diamond of gastronomy.