The truffle is a subterranean fungus (underground fruiting), which was born in Spring between April and June. It has at its birth, the shape of a tiny cutting edges which will be closed and train Tuber. The interior of Tuber will organize a sterile veins then fertile veins.

The package already autonomous form gleba (body) of the white truffle wrapped in a crust decorated with small warts or scales which in addition to a protective role, contributes to breathing and nutrition Tuber.

After a period of dormancy, the heat of July and August storms, truffle grows. Within the gleba, the number of asques (bags containing spores) will multiply; them are brown and September to bring the aroma and maturity of the fungus. Assuming that the fruiting body are not harvested, they deteriorate and rot freeing asques which, under various influences are free or not the spores. Then comes the fruit of the truffle which is in perfect symbiosis with a tree trunk: oak, oak, charm, hazel

The soils are truffigènes types of limestone or calcium