In some corners of Provence, on squares, open markets for truffles. In the Vaucluse two markets compete for the fans and Richerenches Carpentras.

If Carpentras is the queen of truffles from the Mont Ventoux, Richerenches for over 50 years organised a party of the truffle that attracts many people.
For the Saint Antoine, the third Sunday of January, the brotherhood of knights diamond black scrolls in town to go to Mass to bless make truffles. The peculiarity of this mass is only on the quest does not coins but truffles, which are then sold to benefit the church. We find this tradition in a perfume of the past due tithe to the church to exchange for his blessing.

The Carpentras market remains more discreet and recalls its old markets where transactions were in a back room of a coffee between caveurs (the name given to collectors of wild truffles) and traders.
In the Gard, the market’s best known is that of Uzès who, like all markets with truffles to be mid-November to March. The Gard is a major producer of truffles in Uzès but the market is also very discreet because the sale is often reserved for brokers. Each year a festival that brings together lovers can enjoy the preparations and buy directly littered the trufficulteurs.

Other markets are held in other cities as Bagnols sur Cèze or Anduze