There is no specific breed dogs for the search for truffles.

The truffeurs avoid a general hunting dogs which may be more attracted by traces game but otherwise there was no absolute rule for choosing a dog. Each truffeur or rabassier (the name given in Provence) has its preferences.

There are small legends who say that a good dog truffier must have the double pins the hind legs and inside the mouth black. Actually, is educating the dog and his relationship with his master who have the greatest importance. A truffeur chooses his puppy according to its own criteria and then starts setting condition of the animal.
The teacher first establishes a relationship private, he s’ocupe mainly puppy and give him food. Then gradually it led him to discover pieces of truffles that hides in secret places. Whenever the dog finds it is réconpemsé by a treat that combines very quickly result of his discovery. Dogs unlike pigs do not eat truffles and play for them is to please their master and wait for the reward.

Some dogs very gifted or very loyal to their master real worth small fortunes. setting condition of the animal.